The 3500hp DYNO

The DYNO. Mustang Dynamometers is in the process of building the one that will be installed in the shop. It will be able to handle up to 3500 HP, with dual high output load motors to properly load the diesel engines to get the turbo's to fully spool. I am waiting for the updated blueprints so that we can start the ground work to install it. It will be a pit style All Wheel Drive, chassis dyno, fully capable of doing anything that has tires. This includes motorcycles, go carts, lawn tractors, golf carts, cars, 2 wheel drive & AWD, including all foreign, pick-up trucks, 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, & all wheel drive, it will even handle over the road trucks. I have plans to try Pulling tractors, if I can find road style tires. We will be offering custom tunes as well as over the counter tunes. Stock car racers, Drag racers, Pullers, ALL racers will be able to tune for more power to the ground.

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